Beginner Workshops

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  • 01:11:34

Beginner Sequence: 3 Curvelicious

This routine is designed to take you from awkward to awesome by training your body to create that classic bellydance curve.

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  • 52:35

Beginner Sequence 4: Walk With Me

Move around the dance floor confidently with all the grace and sass of a bellydancer. This routine will ground you in the basic footwork patterns essential to bellydancers from beginner to advanced.

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  • 01:47:53

Beginner Sequence 1: My Hips Don't Lie

A cute little routine-ette perfect for beginners or any student looking for a short, fun routine.

This can be danced to any song of your choosing with a steady beat.

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  • 01:25:10

Beginner Sequence 2: The Undulation Station

Learn how to undulate your tummy, arms and hands in this wonderfully curvacious routine. Don't be scared, Helen will lead you through the moves with patience and clarity.

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  • 01:23:15

Beginner Bootcamp * the place to start

Duration: 1hr 23
Learning bellydance is one big fun adventure and it's important to start at the beginning with the Beginner Bootcamp. Helen will take you step by step through the basics of dance posture, technique and movement. You'll be taught how to do the movements and given exercises which help break them down into component parts so you understand where the movement is coming from.

Once you've completed the Bootcamp you'll be all geared up to go onto the beginner level routine-ettes.