Warm Up

Beginner Level Warm Up

Lesson description

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  • 05:46

Warm up with core balance

Taken from a longer drills workshop, this could be a short, basic session for core balance work, or use it as a warm up for any other class.

  • 10:07

Saiidi Style Warm Up With Basic Technique

A full length, cardio warm style warm up with basic saiidi technique along the way.

  • 12:49

Extended warm up with seated mat work

  • 04:16

Seated hip opening and stretching

A lovely little session focused on stretching and opening your hips. Use this as part of a warm up, a cool down or even a stand alone session.

  • 02:12

Warm up 8

A short, sweet warm up if you've not got much time.

  • 03:55

Warm Up 7

  • 03:04

Warm Up 6

  • 04:08

Warm Up 5 With a Focus on Arms Neck & Shoulders

  • 08:42

Warm Up 4

  • 06:47

Warm Up 3

  • 07:42

Beginner Warm Up 2

  • 06:15

Beginner Warm up 1

An easy warm up that anybody can do, even if you've never danced a step in your life.