Choreography Sequences

Advanced Level Classes

Lesson description

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  • 23:36

Golden Age 8 moves and a sequence

Learn technique and beautiful, soft, golden age characterization with these 8 key moves. You will put them to music at the end, though the sequence is designed as a combination that would very likely fit to other music.

The music I used was "Tribute to Samia Gamal" by Yasmina of Cairo (with permission from Yasmina).


  • 41:03

Belly-Lates #23 Pumped up balance and strength for hip drops


  • 16:23

Reverse camels and undulation: technique and drills

Taken from the full length Belly-Lates #21 Reverse camels and reverse undulations - pure technique.


  • 43:37

Belly-Lates #21 Reverse camels and reverse undulations - pure technique


  • 08:24

Upper to lower combos from B-L14


  • 44:51

Belly-Lates #14 Upper to lower body belly roll combos


  • 45:02

Belly-Lates #13 Upper bodychestwork layering


  • 22:33

Belly-Lates #12 Camels with layering


  • 44:22

Belly-Lates Live Stream #8 Lower Abs and Jewel Step


  • 45:30

Belly-Lates Livestream 2 | Abdominal Work


  • 04:46

Short, adaptable combo with balance


  • 24:56

Yummy Tummy!

This class puts together abdominal conditioning/belly-lates, tummy pop technique, creative camels and reverse camels. It ends with a cool down.


  • 08:41

Chest slide layering drill (with warm up)

A short class complete with a little warm up and conditioning to get you going.


  • 19:39

Nagwa Fouad stylization and combination

A sizzling combo inspired by the style of Golden Age dancer Nagwa Fouad.


  • 02:29

Rotating choo choo shimmy

A cute little choo choo variation! Taken from the longer Advanced Routine-ette workshop,


  • 11:05

Blending moves together- umis, 8s and circles

Taken from the longer class "Drills and Conditioining 1- Juicy Hipwork" this is a great drill to help you out with deepening your choreography sequences. It can also be great prep for improvisation as well as working as a good old hipwork drill.