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Beginner Level Drills & Conditioning

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These videos are to help you integrate practice into your day - even when you're limited on time. You can do just a couple of minutes or a lengthy practice session, it's up to you!


  • 05:26

Hip Snaps Accenting Up


  • 08:08

Abdominal isolations with core strength

This session really gives you bang for your buck! You'll work on your abdominal isolations AND your overall core strength and posture. If you're looking for quick results on your belly roll technique and quality of movement, this is perfect for you! Make this one of your daily drills for a good 15-30 days and I promise you will see and feel the difference.


  • 21:56

Beginner Shimmy Technique Prep and Drill


  • 03:54

Shimmy Drill With Layered Arms


  • 04:35

Open Level Abs Isolation Drill

Having trouble locating and isolating your abdominals? Take this short class and you'll soon have it figured out.


  • 05:46

Warm up with core balance

Taken from a longer drills workshop, this could be a short, basic session for core balance work, or use it as a warm up for any other class.


  • 04:07

Beginner Maya Drill


  • 07:47

Rotating hipwork for spatial awareness

A hip work drill with added rotation to help with direction and spatial awareness


  • 04:32

Beginner Vertical Figure 8 Drill


  • 09:18

Fitness Pilates Standing Strength & Balance

Improve your balance, hip flexibility, ankle strength and core strength in this cross-training exercise sequence for bellydancers.

I've left off the background music so you can add your own!


  • 07:30

Beginner Preparation For Bellyrolls Drill


  • 43:39

Belly-Lates livestream #4 Hips legs and twists


  • 06:14

Beginner Rope Pull Drill

These drills are designed to strengthen and tone your arms in preparation for bellydance "armography".


  • 12:08

Beginner Hip Drop Refinement Drill


  • 06:56

Beginner Shimmy Drill


  • 03:09

Beginner Dyamic Figure 8 Drill