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Beginner Level Drills & Conditioning

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These videos are to help you integrate practice into your day - even when you're limited on time. You can do just a couple of minutes or a lengthy practice session, it's up to you!


  • 05:46

Warm up with core balance

Taken from a longer drills workshop, this could be a short, basic session for core balance work, or use it as a warm up for any other class.


  • 07:03

Beginner Chest Drills

If you're rand new to bellydance then this drill session is a great way to learn how to isolate your upper body. We'll focus on cultivating the correct muscle groups to develop your overall strength in this area as well as a kick-ass technique.


  • 03:10

Left side right side

A fun, speedy drill to keep your brain and body connection sharp!


  • 08:47

3 Essential Preparation Drills

Simple drills to take your movement from awkward to awesome! Bellydance can feel a little alien to start with, so let's skip through that phase as quickly as possible and encourage natural, fluid movement. Stick this video on and go through the drills as much as you can to see fast results.


  • 19:14

Core Strength for the Timid

Don't be shy, join me and strengthen your core the gentle way. This is a manageable sequence that I put together myself to regain my strength after having a second baby. I've gathered together exercises that I've found effective - yet gentle - in building the inner strength to help keep the body healthy and your dance hot!


  • 41:35

Fitness Pilates for Bellydancers

Join me for a 40 minute session dedicated to strengthening and mobilizing your dance from the inside out. I am passionate about the power of Pilates exercises in keeping us dancing better for longer. I've recently qualified as a Fitness Pilates instructor and I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice! In this session, I'll lead you through exercises that are ideal for bellydancers.

I'll be sprinkling in some bellydance actions too, so it will be something of a bellydance-Pilates fusion - ooo la la!


  • 04:26

Egyptian Walk Drill 1


  • 12:49

Warm up for legs and lower body strength

This intensive, versatile session can be a longer style warm up to your daily dance, or it could even constitute a snappy daily practise session by itself if you're short on time.
Hips are obviously mightily important for bellydance but under our hips are our legs! Here is a session to help strengthen and prepare your legs for belly dance. This is designed for you to build heat and work up a sweat - enjoy!


  • 04:24

Snake Arms Drill - Extended

A longer drill to quickly increase your strength, flexibility and fluidity.


  • 43:39

Belly-Lates livestream #4 Hips legs and twists


  • 02:42

Snake Arms Drill short

A short sweet drill to help you on your way to strong, elegant, effortless arms.


  • 03:54

Shimmy Drill With Layered Arms


  • 05:26

Hip Snaps Accenting Up


  • 24:28

Daily Drills for Beginners Pick 'n' Mix 1 - Hips


  • 21:56

Beginner Shimmy Technique Prep and Drill


  • 08:08

Abdominal isolations with core strength

This session really gives you bang for your buck! You'll work on your abdominal isolations AND your overall core strength and posture. If you're looking for quick results on your belly roll technique and quality of movement, this is perfect for you! Make this one of your daily drills for a good 15-30 days and I promise you will see and feel the difference.