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My mission isn’t to bamboozle you with long, complicated routines, instead I want to set you punchy, achievable goals that fill your soul with spirit and sparkle. (I believe that students rise up and dare to smash their dancing out of the park when they have clear, step by step – fun! – tuition.)

Ideally, regular live classes are the cornerstone of your bellydance learning. But sometimes class isn’t enough to get you unstuck and master the moves to the level you want to. Or maybe you can’t even get to a regular class!

So I created this site to help you get past your “bellydance blocks” and nail the moves that you’d love to see yourself doing.

Once you register to SMBO you’ll have immediate access to my short choreography sequence workshops, my beginner bootcamp workshop, individual movement tutorials, practice drills and conditioning exercises, combination tutorials, warm ups and cool downs. It’s everything you need to learn and master this gorgeous art form.

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I’ve used generic music so that you can easily transfer any sequences or choreography to your own choice of music. My wish is that you make this material your own.


Do you find that days, weeks or months go by without any home practice happening?

We all have a picture in our head of the kind of dancer we’d love to be. And, though it’s not rocket science to say that “practice makes perfect”, the truth is that most of us have trouble undertaking regular, targeted, practice. You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

I’m here to give you easy access to punchy, focused practice sessions to choose from that are designed to quickly make a difference to your dancing and then keep you on track.

All classes are devised and taught by me, Helen Santa Maria. The site is my own dream and I want to touch base with you at every step. No content is “outsourced” to other teachers, I’m with you all the way 🙂

The site is fresh out of the gate and has a growing library of content. We currently have:

  • A complete Beginner Bootcamp workshop to take you through your first essential moves, drills and sequences (plus a bonus shimmy drill) including full warm up and cool down
  • 4 Open level/Beginner “Routine-ette” workshops featuring a mini routine that can be danced to any music of your choice with a regular, steady beat. Each routine-ette focuses on a different aspect of the bellydancers repertoire for you to enjoy and prepare you for further movements: hipwork, footwork, undulations and rotations
  • Countless selections from each of the workshops categorised individually for you to create your own practice starting from 2min 30s.
  • Individual tutorials on movement and conditioning for footwork, posture, hands, arms, shoulders, chest, hips and abdominals
  • A choice of over 8 different warm ups and 9 cool downs to help you stay safe, gain strength and increase flexibility

I’ve been teaching bellydance for 10 years and, as much as I absolutely blinking love it, there’s always been one thing that I’ve never been able to do for my students – be on tap to help them practice at home.

So this year I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do and literally film myself doing warm ups, cool downs, technical classes, drills, sequences and mini routines to make myself available 24/7. My aim was to give new and existing students of bellydance a helping hand to master this beautiful artform by being “on tap”.

So here it is: Santa Maria Bellydance Online!