Advanced Choreography Drum Solo Workshop

I warmly invite you to get your hips around my exciting new drum solo choreography! The song is “Drum Solo” from the Hayati album by Yasmina of Cairo. Go to Yasmina’s website to find out about this and other lovely Egyptian music she has produced at You can also find out where to purchase the CD with the music on.

As usual, you can expect plenty of instruction and step by step tuition to guide you through the work. The end result is an impressive new choreography that you can perform as a stand alone solo, use as a dynamic finale to a longer performance set, or – of course – just dance for fun at home!

Throughout the workshop, I explain my overall approach to the choreography. I tell you why I’ve chosen the steps I’ve chosen and what effect this has on the journey of the routine. This is to help you sink into the character of the piece, but also to help you think about your own choreography skills.

This workshop will be a fun challenge for intermediate and advanced students to get their teeth into. It can also be used by teachers to illustrate concepts or as a class choreography.

You can buy the music for the choreography from several online outlets, just go to Yasmina’s website ( and click through to the CD page to find the vendors.